The Kickz Stand Swap Meet – SUCCESS (in more ways than one)

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For those of you paying attention, last week I made a post for this Sunday’s Swap Meet organised by thge guys at the Kickz Stand, and boy, what can I say than what a success it was!

The Sydney sneaker community was definitely out in force on Sunday for the meet, with an estimated 1200 through the doors of the Pyrmont Community Centre in which it was held. With 30 or so tables of shoes, clothes, accessories, food and not to forget those glorious cupcakes, there was definitely something for everyone. Unfortunately I missed out on the sliders which I heard were to die for but that’d be my fault for rocking up late.

I’ll have to admit, I’m not a big sneaker head myself, and definitely not the type to pay more than $400 for a pair of shoes, or camp out outside a store prior to release. But saying that, I do appreciate the culture, the hardcore collectors and generally any good looking and comfortable shoe. I still for the life of me can’t figure out how to keep my shoes clean without not wearing them, and if I did buy a fresh new pair, where I would wear them without the risk of being stepped on. So I’ve come to the conclusion that all the shoes I buy are ‘thrashers’ or ‘daily’s’ as I’ve mentioned to one of my good friend Dale (Co-founder of TKS), who is also my goto man for shoe counselling advice.

Anyway, the event was on from 12-3PM with people already rolling in at 11:30am from what I was told, and when I arrived at 1:30pm the inside sellers arena was chock a block! Luckily for me, there weren’t too many Size 13 shoes to even tempt me, and because of this I thought I’d throw some money into the raffles just to show my support for the crew. Next thing you know, I’ve won two minor prizes, which I chose were 2 tees, and the 1st and 3rd Major Prize including more Tees, a Herschel backpack and a gift voucher for Andre’s Denim which I was able to pick up on the day as well as a heap of other cool stuff! Unfortunately I didn’t take any pics from the day as I preferred to be mingling with friends, but I’ve included some snaps thanks to Bonafide and IDigYourSoleman.

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A big shoutout to the organisers and admins of The Kick Stand for pulling together an event that I’m sure will put the Sydney Sneaker Community on the map. Much respect to the hard work and efforts they had put into the event in making it a free entry event also as I can imagine the costs involved in putting something like this together.

Thanks to all the crews involved that sponsored goodies that I won through the raffle also!

MiSkyn Clothing
Notorious & Co.
Alter Ego ClothingSneaker Freaker Magazine
Custom Teez Parramatta
Cap Z
Andres Denim
The Exqused
Kiks Tyo
+ anyone else I missed out!



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