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Sydney sounds on a Westcoast Track

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Some more local talent with some new releases, although I don’t know if we should refer to Serg as local talent as he’s being working with a whole bunch of artists form the states for years.  Now I don’t know if we should refer to him as an upcoming, local artist because I know for a fact he’s been an undercover achiever working colabs, producing beats and mixing down a heap of tracks for other artists who some of you may be very familiar with. I first met Serg, or as some people may know him from his past alias Don Dolla, at clubs gigs atleast 5-6 years ago.. I also did a photoshoot for him for the clubs which I vaguely remember!

Anyway, his latest track is with Shade Sheist, who you may know familiarly from the famous Westcoast anthem ‘Where I Wanna Be’ feat. Daz and Kurrupt.

Sergio features on the track with the talk box work he’s famous for and has kept the true westcoast feel with this track. Check it out!

Shade Sheist – Cali Is My Main Bitch ft. Sergio Selim

New DJ Bag? or splurge? The Obey Commuter Backpack from Kaeho

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You might or might not know, but I’m a bit of a bag/backpack addict.. I think it’s in my genes as I blame my Mum and her bag addiction for me wanting bags too (not handbags of course!) But there’s something about finding that ‘perfect’ bag for every situation that’s comfortable to wear for long periods of time and fits all your daily needs in nice and snug without bursting at the seams.

Enter Kaeho 40% sale, yes it was another splurge and spur of the moment thing when the boys were over for a jam session and we all just made a group order on some backpacks.

My backpack of choice? The Obey Commuter

Obey Commuter Backpack (Picture by Kaeho.com.au)

Obey Commuter Backpack (Picture by Kaeho.com.au)

Yes it’s small, but I did splurge and currently awaiting delivery of my new 13″ MacBook air, so in the whole theme of downsizing, I’ve gone for a smaller bag, will be carrying smaller (7″) records but if CDJ’s are available at gigs then I’ll use them! Less hassle to worry about when 80% of Sydney’s Club 1200s are out of whack. All in all, results in a lighter travel bag with all my DJ essentials that are easy to get to! Although ti is a little thinner with no padding whatsoever, I’m hoping this bag will last me longer than a few weeks!

Happy with the purchase, ordered late Tuesday night, received a tracking number by Wednesday 10am and received it on Thursday! Being involved in a few online stores, I know how important it is to make the end-to-end process as quick as possible and they definitely delivered!

Big ups to Kaeho and their ‘One Day’ sale that’s been on for the past week.

NEW MUSIC: Lazy J – Flexin (feat. Young Men Society)

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The homie Lazy J just dropped the music video to his latest track ‘Flexin’ featuring Young Men Society, and within 3 days since it’s release it’s already hits 4,500 views on YouTube and is already getting airplay on The Edge 96.1 and New Zealand radio! Check out the clip below.

Download from iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/flexin-feat.-young-men-society/id870753887?i=870754219

SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/lazyjmusic
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/thereallazyj
FACEBOOK: https://facebook.com/thereallazyj

Pic courtesy of www.bnfde.com

The Kickz Stand Swap Meet – SUCCESS (in more ways than one)

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For those of you paying attention, last week I made a post for this Sunday’s Swap Meet organised by thge guys at the Kickz Stand, and boy, what can I say than what a success it was!

The Sydney sneaker community was definitely out in force on Sunday for the meet, with an estimated 1200 through the doors of the Pyrmont Community Centre in which it was held. With 30 or so tables of shoes, clothes, accessories, food and not to forget those glorious cupcakes, there was definitely something for everyone. Unfortunately I missed out on the sliders which I heard were to die for but that’d be my fault for rocking up late.

I’ll have to admit, I’m not a big sneaker head myself, and definitely not the type to pay more than $400 for a pair of shoes, or camp out outside a store prior to release. But saying that, I do appreciate the culture, the hardcore collectors and generally any good looking and comfortable shoe. I still for the life of me can’t figure out how to keep my shoes clean without not wearing them, and if I did buy a fresh new pair, where I would wear them without the risk of being stepped on. So I’ve come to the conclusion that all the shoes I buy are ‘thrashers’ or ‘daily’s’ as I’ve mentioned to one of my good friend Dale (Co-founder of TKS), who is also my goto man for shoe counselling advice.

Anyway, the event was on from 12-3PM with people already rolling in at 11:30am from what I was told, and when I arrived at 1:30pm the inside sellers arena was chock a block! Luckily for me, there weren’t too many Size 13 shoes to even tempt me, and because of this I thought I’d throw some money into the raffles just to show my support for the crew. Next thing you know, I’ve won two minor prizes, which I chose were 2 tees, and the 1st and 3rd Major Prize including more Tees, a Herschel backpack and a gift voucher for Andre’s Denim which I was able to pick up on the day as well as a heap of other cool stuff! Unfortunately I didn’t take any pics from the day as I preferred to be mingling with friends, but I’ve included some snaps thanks to Bonafide and IDigYourSoleman.

Pic courtesy of www.idigyoursoleman.com

Pic courtesy of www.idigyoursoleman.com

A big shoutout to the organisers and admins of The Kick Stand for pulling together an event that I’m sure will put the Sydney Sneaker Community on the map. Much respect to the hard work and efforts they had put into the event in making it a free entry event also as I can imagine the costs involved in putting something like this together.

Thanks to all the crews involved that sponsored goodies that I won through the raffle also!

MiSkyn Clothing
Notorious & Co.
Alter Ego ClothingSneaker Freaker Magazine
Custom Teez Parramatta
Cap Z
Andres Denim
The Exqused
Kiks Tyo
+ anyone else I missed out!



Good Food and Wine Show Sydney – Tourism Chile

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Last week I was approached to DJ by a Melbourne-based agency for an event that was a little different to what I’ve normally played for. It was to play over the course of the event at the Turismo Chile (Tourism Chile) stand with a special guest appearance by Australian Model and Chilean Tourism Ambassador Pia Miller.

Tourism Chile together with Vinos Online and Chilean-born beauty Pia Miller have gotten together for the Good Food and Wine Show to help represent and promote the South American Country as Chile begins a major campaign to bring Australians to their homeland.

The stall consisted of mostly South American red and white wines, champagnes and more with cocktail demonstrations going on through the day thanks to the guys at Vinos Online.

Although my sets on those days weren’t specifically full of latin music, the requirement was to play funky/chilled house to help create a fun atmosphere to which I’m sure they were quite pleased with. Also ended my last set with a few minutes of classic latin anthems which some were surprised I even had.

I didn’t get much time to have a wander around the event, but had a quick feed at one of the food trucks with some organic pulled pork rolls and sausage rolls which was different but super tasteful! Also saw that Adriano Zumbo himself was holding cooking classes at their fancy stall amongst the rest of the demonstrations that were going on. Not being a food blogger follower or a big foodie myself, I wasn’t able to recognise any famous food people but saw a whole heap of eFamous people around with people taken photos with them infront of our stall. Saying that, I still do love my food and normally eat it right away before even getting a chance to take a pic of it!

Have a listen to my live set from one of the days I recorded! 🙂

Special mention to the people I bumped into since I wasn’t expecting to see anyone there! Haha

– Buckay (thanks for the pic!)
– Luke Goodwin and Natalie (Yes I saw your random reaction to seeing me there lol)
– Cara, Beef, Jamie and Mel
– Nick and Bettina – I missed you guys!
– The other Bettina – Yes I was representing Chile 🙂
– Sonia and Felicity – thanks for the fun opportunity!
– Pia Miller for being you.
– The guys at Vinos Online for being great company and a pleasure working with over the weekend.

..and to the other people that commented on my music and had a little boogie while trying out the finest of South American Wines!

Sneaker Heads Unite for The Kickz Stand Swap Meet this June 29, 2014.

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Our sneaker head enthusiasts friends who have started up The Kickz Stand community are calling out to all likeminded sneaker enthusiasts this coming Sunday June 29.

With an ever growing passion for collecting kicks (not just any kicks, mind you) and an addictive love for urban street culture, one of my crew Dj Dayday (The One and Only DJ Krew) had partnered up with Jay to form a community of friends who share common interests.

The great thing? The Kickz Stand is a tight knit group of members and friends, and not just another Facebook group full of resellers trying to make a quick buck after lining up for hours to buy shoes 3 sizes too big or small for them (we’ve seen them all).

With this, they’re holding they’re second Kickz Stand Swap meet held at Pyrmont Community Centre, with prizes and giveaways on the day. There’ll be a bunch of vendors also from local designers, labels and businesses, so come down, buy, swap, sell, drool or cry because someone else had bought those black cements in your size.

Where: Pyrmont Community Centre
Address: Corner of John & Mount Street, Prymont NSW
When: 29/06/14
Time: 12:00PM to 3:30PM
Entry: FREE

For more info:
The Kicks Stand Facebook group

New drops coming soon from The Exqused

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Our very good friends at The Exqused have just released a teaser of whats to come in their next drop! Make sure you like their Facebook page The Exqused to be updated on when it’s all released!

Check out the video and comment with what you like or what you’d like to see on a tee, sweat or hoodie!

Announcement! New member to The Living Mall, Central Park Sydney!

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For those following my Instagram or DJ Xcentrik Facebook Fanpage, you would’ve seen me post a photo of what’s said to be one of the Top 10 buildings in the world, dubbed ‘The Living Mall’ that is the all new Central Park Sydney.

Sydney’s New Downtown. Live, work and shop at Central Park, Sydney’s new downtown destination where a global collaboration of architects and artists have created an exciting urban village.

Central Park has been built, designed and engineered by only the World’s Best which explains why it is one of the top ‘Skyscrapers’ in the world albeit it’s minimal levels. Not to mention their extended high-speed WiFi throughout the precinct it’s quickly becoming a central hub, for young shoppers and uni students from surrounding campuses.

There are many high tech and environmentally friendly solutions that have been built around the building itself and its surroundings, many of which I’m still yet to get my head around, but Central Park is not just any ordinary Shopping Mall, but an all-new and quickly growing community-focused centre aiming to take you away from the hustle and bustle of the Sydney CBD.

With this, I’d like to officially and proudly announce that I’ve been approached by Central Park to come onboard and manage their music inhouse, ambience, as well as assist in driving this through their social media channels through various marketing campaigns and events. It’s a new role that’s been created and will be starting it all from scratch due to launch soon! I’ll be working closely with the team at Central Park to help get it all underway and get the community involved. I can assure you, there’ll be something for everyone, even if you’re not physically there!

Image by CentralParkSydney.com

If you’re keen to let me know your thoughts or check out what we’re working on, drop me an email or message and I’ll make sure to get you involved!

Find out more about Central Park Sydney at http://www.centralparksydney.com

    WINNING! Thanks to Store DJ and UDG Gear

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    A couple of weeks back, I entered a simple Facebook competition (those who follow me on Facebook would be aware) that was held by Store DJ in collaboration with UDG Gear to celebrate their Facebook page getting 20,000 Likes! Congrats guys!

    All I had to do was explain in 25 words or less what I would buy and what I would do with it. A week later I received a call from the Store DJ HQ in Melbourne notifying me that I’ve won the runners up prize! This was a big excitement for me as the last time I won any sort of prize was in primary school when I won a Gameboy (which I still have to this day) at the School Fete!

    So I’m not gonna tell you what my winning answer was, my inner mind screams out CHEEESEEEE but what I can do is tell you what I won!

    Thanks to UDG Gear I won,

    UDG Laptop Stand valued at $179.95
    UDG Creater 120 CD Tank Case valued at $95.00
    UDG Creator Wheeled MIDI Controller Case 22inch valued at $339.00

    That’s a whopping total of $613.95 of FREE gear! Now just like you all, I’m a sucker for freebies, but as grateful as I am to have won all this, I have to be honest and admit that unfortunately I have no use for these prizes.

    1. I’ve already got 3 laptop stands that all do their job well enough and barely get a chance to use them as it is.
    2. I don’t use CDs at all (I carry a few backup mixtapes and Serato Control CDs totaling maximum 5-6 CDs that fit easily in my DJ backpack)
    3. My Pioneer DDJ SX is way too big for the roller bag and I already have Pioneer hardcase for this.

    So, yes these are all useless to me. I called up the Store DJ reps who advised me they can’t be exchanged for store credit as it was actually promo products given by UDG Gear. What to do? Straight to eBay and Gumtree it was, and although the Laptop stand sold quite quickly there’s barely been any interest in the CD Wallet and Controller bag, so if anyone reading this is interested in some brand new UDG gear at a bargain price, let me know! Perhaps if I hold onto the bag long enough I’ll put a video review together for those interested in purchasing.

    Big thanks to Store DJ for the prizes, Sydney’s premier DJ Equipment specialists located on Parramatta Road, Leichardt.Store DJ

    and a big thanks to UDG Gear for the awesome quality products specifically for travelling artists, producers, DJs!
    UDG Gear

    A red-eyed DJ Xcentrik, coming home to the goodies at 5 in the morning after a night of gigs.

    Xangpuak Lao & Thai makes best cheap eats in Sydney!

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    A very good friend of mine, Alain and his family have been running their Lao and Thai restaurant for less than a year and are already making noise within the restaurant scene. Featured in today’s Daily Telegraph some of Sydney’s top chefs have compiled a guide to Sydney’s 25 best-value eats.

    Check out the article below,