WINNING! Thanks to Store DJ and UDG Gear

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A couple of weeks back, I entered a simple Facebook competition (those who follow me on Facebook would be aware) that was held by Store DJ in collaboration with UDG Gear to celebrate their Facebook page getting 20,000 Likes! Congrats guys!

All I had to do was explain in 25 words or less what I would buy and what I would do with it. A week later I received a call from the Store DJ HQ in Melbourne notifying me that I’ve won the runners up prize! This was a big excitement for me as the last time I won any sort of prize was in primary school when I won a Gameboy (which I still have to this day) at the School Fete!

So I’m not gonna tell you what my winning answer was, my inner mind screams out CHEEESEEEE but what I can do is tell you what I won!

Thanks to UDG Gear I won,

UDG Laptop Stand valued at $179.95
UDG Creater 120 CD Tank Case valued at $95.00
UDG Creator Wheeled MIDI Controller Case 22inch valued at $339.00

That’s a whopping total of $613.95 of FREE gear! Now just like you all, I’m a sucker for freebies, but as grateful as I am to have won all this, I have to be honest and admit that unfortunately I have no use for these prizes.

1. I’ve already got 3 laptop stands that all do their job well enough and barely get a chance to use them as it is.
2. I don’t use CDs at all (I carry a few backup mixtapes and Serato Control CDs totaling maximum 5-6 CDs that fit easily in my DJ backpack)
3. My Pioneer DDJ SX is way too big for the roller bag and I already have Pioneer hardcase for this.

So, yes these are all useless to me. I called up the Store DJ reps who advised me they can’t be exchanged for store credit as it was actually promo products given by UDG Gear. What to do? Straight to eBay and Gumtree it was, and although the Laptop stand sold quite quickly there’s barely been any interest in the CD Wallet and Controller bag, so if anyone reading this is interested in some brand new UDG gear at a bargain price, let me know! Perhaps if I hold onto the bag long enough I’ll put a video review together for those interested in purchasing.

Big thanks to Store DJ for the prizes, Sydney’s premier DJ Equipment specialists located on Parramatta Road, Leichardt.Store DJ

and a big thanks to UDG Gear for the awesome quality products specifically for travelling artists, producers, DJs!
UDG Gear

A red-eyed DJ Xcentrik, coming home to the goodies at 5 in the morning after a night of gigs.

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