Announcement! New member to The Living Mall, Central Park Sydney!

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For those following my Instagram or DJ Xcentrik Facebook Fanpage, you would’ve seen me post a photo of what’s said to be one of the Top 10 buildings in the world, dubbed ‘The Living Mall’ that is the all new Central Park Sydney.

Sydney’s New Downtown. Live, work and shop at Central Park, Sydney’s new downtown destination where a global collaboration of architects and artists have created an exciting urban village.

Central Park has been built, designed and engineered by only the World’s Best which explains why it is one of the top ‘Skyscrapers’ in the world albeit it’s minimal levels. Not to mention their extended high-speed WiFi throughout the precinct it’s quickly becoming a central hub, for young shoppers and uni students from surrounding campuses.

There are many high tech and environmentally friendly solutions that have been built around the building itself and its surroundings, many of which I’m still yet to get my head around, but Central Park is not just any ordinary Shopping Mall, but an all-new and quickly growing community-focused centre aiming to take you away from the hustle and bustle of the Sydney CBD.

With this, I’d like to officially and proudly announce that I’ve been approached by Central Park to come onboard and manage their music inhouse, ambience, as well as assist in driving this through their social media channels through various marketing campaigns and events. It’s a new role that’s been created and will be starting it all from scratch due to launch soon! I’ll be working closely with the team at Central Park to help get it all underway and get the community involved. I can assure you, there’ll be something for everyone, even if you’re not physically there!

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If you’re keen to let me know your thoughts or check out what we’re working on, drop me an email or message and I’ll make sure to get you involved!

Find out more about Central Park Sydney at


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