I first met Kristine and Pat, the very lovely couple in quite an awkward ‘in-the-moment’ situation, where they came up to me at one of my weekly residencies being Westfield Sydney and saying ‘Hey, you’re DJing our wedding! With a million and one thoughts going through my head wondering who the heck they were and how they knew me, I started wondering if maybe there was a wedding I’d forgotten about as I was left startled, which is surprising as I know I’m pretty well-organised and have a good idea of who’s weddings and gigs I have coming up.

Turns out yes I definitely did know them, and in fact they had booked me and paid their deposit more than a year in advance. Yes I was left red-faced mid mix but after a few moments they gave me a chance to remind me of who they were. LOL! So their referral Sam (who had referred them to me) actually told them that I DJ at Westfield every Thursday and to come visit me and say Hi!

Moving along, the wedding was such a smooth and enjoyable wedding. The speeches were hilarious (page 2) and Pat’s Filipino traits that he’s picked were spot on! Not to mention the surprise costume change into a traditional Filipino Barong when it came to party time! Smooth Pat! Very smooth…

It was also a very pleasant surprise to see that my childhood and high school friends Jeremy and John @ Shooters Photobooth were there with their photobooth services

Just a tip to suppliers bumping in with bulky equipment, make sure you have your trolley ready and have your loading dock access and parking organised. As beautiful and elegant as the venue is, it is a little tedious for those lugging around bulky items (i.e. speakers, decks, lighting, stands or a photobooth for that matter). Getting into the loading dock, via a second entrance, going up a lift to the second level, then walking to the otherside of the floor to yet another dedicated lift that goes to the Tea Room, which also has an opening the size of a single door. Having an extra pair of hands would’ve been great also but I managed!

Suppliers for the night:
DJ and Music – DJ Xcentrik
Videography – MTW Production
Photography – T-One Images
Photobooth – Shooters Photobooth


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