New DJ Bag? or splurge? The Obey Commuter Backpack from Kaeho

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You might or might not know, but I’m a bit of a bag/backpack addict.. I think it’s in my genes as I blame my Mum and her bag addiction for me wanting bags too (not handbags of course!) But there’s something about finding that ‘perfect’ bag for every situation that’s comfortable to wear for long periods of time and fits all your daily needs in nice and snug without bursting at the seams.

Enter Kaeho 40% sale, yes it was another splurge and spur of the moment thing when the boys were over for a jam session and we all just made a group order on some backpacks.

My backpack of choice? The Obey Commuter

Obey Commuter Backpack (Picture by

Obey Commuter Backpack (Picture by

Yes it’s small, but I did splurge and currently awaiting delivery of my new 13″ MacBook air, so in the whole theme of downsizing, I’ve gone for a smaller bag, will be carrying smaller (7″) records but if CDJ’s are available at gigs then I’ll use them! Less hassle to worry about when 80% of Sydney’s Club 1200s are out of whack. All in all, results in a lighter travel bag with all my DJ essentials that are easy to get to! Although ti is a little thinner with no padding whatsoever, I’m hoping this bag will last me longer than a few weeks!

Happy with the purchase, ordered late Tuesday night, received a tracking number by Wednesday 10am and received it on Thursday! Being involved in a few online stores, I know how important it is to make the end-to-end process as quick as possible and they definitely delivered!

Big ups to Kaeho and their ‘One Day’ sale that’s been on for the past week.

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