Good Food and Wine Show Sydney – Tourism Chile

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Last week I was approached to DJ by a Melbourne-based agency for an event that was a little different to what I’ve normally played for. It was to play over the course of the event at the Turismo Chile (Tourism Chile) stand with a special guest appearance by Australian Model and Chilean Tourism Ambassador Pia Miller.

Tourism Chile together with Vinos Online and Chilean-born beauty Pia Miller have gotten together for the Good Food and Wine Show to help represent and promote the South American Country as Chile begins a major campaign to bring Australians to their homeland.

The stall consisted of mostly South American red and white wines, champagnes and more with cocktail demonstrations going on through the day thanks to the guys at Vinos Online.

Although my sets on those days weren’t specifically full of latin music, the requirement was to play funky/chilled house to help create a fun atmosphere to which I’m sure they were quite pleased with. Also ended my last set with a few minutes of classic latin anthems which some were surprised I even had.

I didn’t get much time to have a wander around the event, but had a quick feed at one of the food trucks with some organic pulled pork rolls and sausage rolls which was different but super tasteful! Also saw that Adriano Zumbo himself was holding cooking classes at their fancy stall amongst the rest of the demonstrations that were going on. Not being a food blogger follower or a big foodie myself, I wasn’t able to recognise any famous food people but saw a whole heap of eFamous people around with people taken photos with them infront of our stall. Saying that, I still do love my food and normally eat it right away before even getting a chance to take a pic of it!

Have a listen to my live set from one of the days I recorded! 🙂

Special mention to the people I bumped into since I wasn’t expecting to see anyone there! Haha

– Buckay (thanks for the pic!)
– Luke Goodwin and Natalie (Yes I saw your random reaction to seeing me there lol)
– Cara, Beef, Jamie and Mel
– Nick and Bettina – I missed you guys!
– The other Bettina – Yes I was representing Chile 🙂
– Sonia and Felicity – thanks for the fun opportunity!
– Pia Miller for being you.
– The guys at Vinos Online for being great company and a pleasure working with over the weekend.

..and to the other people that commented on my music and had a little boogie while trying out the finest of South American Wines!

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