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Eileen and John’s Wedding @ Milton Park Country House

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I’ve known Eileen for many years, from the days of Looze Control and Soul Good and other singing and dancing events for NOJON Entertainment. So when it came time to celebrate her union with John she came to us to provide our entertainment! It was an intimate and heartfelt wedding, with many tears shed, with John claiming that “He actually did it” “He married a filo girl from Blacktown”.

With myself on the decks providing the sound and lighting by NOJON Entertainment, it was a fun night of entertainment for all with the dancefloor packed all night to their favourites, including John’s Ghostown DJs My Boo before it became the running man challenge.

Check out the pics from the night courtesy of the talented Dan Au Photography.


Grace and Cliff’s Wedding @ WatervieW Bicentennial Park

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Grace and Cliff have been a couple I have known for years, knowing Grace since we were fresh out of nappies being family friends and our grandmothers being bestfriends, and also playing basketball with Cliff for a few seasons, it was an honour to be a part of such a cultural wedding.

From entering the reception on a Harley to the sounds of lion dancers and drummers, to even the traditional Filipino tinikling show, it was surely a fun and eventful night for everyone at the WatervieW Function Centre @ Bicentennial Park.

WatervieW in Bicentennial Park - DJ's Point of View

WatervieW in Bicentennial Park Wedding – DJ’s Point of View

WatervieW in Bicentennial Park Wedding

WatervieW in Bicentennial Park Wedding

WatervieW in Bicentennial Park Wedding

WatervieW in Bicentennial Park Wedding

WatervieW in Bicentennial Park Wedding

WatervieW in Bicentennial Park Wedding

WatervieW in Bicentennial Park Wedding

WatervieW in Bicentennial Park Wedding

WatervieW in Bicentennial Park Wedding

WatervieW in Bicentennial Park Wedding

WatervieW in Bicentennial Park Wedding

WatervieW in Bicentennial Park Wedding

WatervieW in Bicentennial Park Wedding

WatervieW in Bicentennial Park Wedding

Jan and Danielle’s Wedding @ Sergeants Mess, Chowder Bay

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I first met Jan through mutual friends through the sneaker group The Kickz Stand, and with his love for collecting sneakers, it’s no surprise that it was brought up by everyone that made a speech including his Dad, Mother-in-Law and now Wife, Danielle.

When I first met up with the couple for their pre-consultation I knew it would be a wedding party I’d love, and that it was, with the dancefloor packed from start to finish with all young and old at the Sergeants Mess function venue. With a special mention to Jhoanna and Sid who performed the song for their bridal waltz.

Just beautiful!

Check out some snaps below of the venue, the night, and from the DJs Point of view!

Sergeants Mess Chowder Bay Wedding DJ

Sergeants Mess Chowder Bay Wedding from the DJ’s point of view


Sergeants Mess Chowder Bay Wedding – A Man of afew words

Sergeants Mess Chowder Bay Wedding - Bride and Groom Point of View

Sergeants Mess Chowder Bay Wedding – Bride and Groom Point of View

Sergeants Mess Chowder Bay Wedding

Sergeants Mess Chowder Bay Wedding

Sergeants Mess Chowder Bay Wedding

Sergeants Mess Chowder Bay Wedding

Sergeants Mess Chowder Bay Wedding

Sergeants Mess Chowder Bay Wedding

Sergeants Mess Chowder Bay Wedding

Sergeants Mess Chowder Bay Wedding

Hana and Davey’s Wedding at The Grounds of Alexandria #mrandmrsb0314

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..and what a BEAUTIFUL wedding it was!

On Saturday I was honoured to have DJ’d for Hana and Davey’s wedding held at The Grounds of Alexandria.

With the sun shining and not a single cloud in the sky, a courtyard reception with beautiful food (did I say pork crackling?!) and not to mention a surprise guest appearance by Maroon 5!

Here’s some pics from behind the scenes taken from an iPhone! Keep your eyes peeled for the photobooth pics to be uploaded once the newlyweds come back from their honeymoon!

Hope everyone enjoyed the music! “SUGARR! Yes please!”

The Grounds of Alexandria

Bridal Party at the Photobooth

The Grounds of Alexandria

The Dancefloor from the Courtyard

The Grounds of Alexandria

The DJ Setup for the night









How did you start and what DJ equipment did you use?

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How about a trip down memory lane with me and my DJ history with (or lack thereof) DJ equipment?

The curious and determined young DJ

Starting out DJing at a young age wasn’t any easy task, with no real budget to get ‘proper’ equipment, and no real knowledge on what to get, it was like jumping into the deep end.

The upside? I had very supportive parents. Although at the time, it might’ve looked like yet another expensive phase and having to fork out 1000s of dollars on toys probably wasn’t on anyones wishlist but mine. It actually turns out that my Dad was a DJ back in his hometown of Daet, Bicol. DJing with his family, his dad and cousins and providing all the sound production gear for the towns big events and bands.

My humble beginnings as a DJ actually began back in high school at our Year 8 End of Year disco, my first ever DJ gig. Yes, we held it down for two periods! You’d probably laugh if you saw anyone rockin’ the same gear as we did, get this.

2 CD Discmans and 1 Microphone mixer, just like the one here.

The Break

A week later, a classmate of mine asked me to DJ her birthday at her house, but with what? Told my parents about the deal and my Dad bought me a 4-channel mixer for this gig! (The exact one pictured here). Over the moon! So together with my two home theatre systems’ CD players and speakers, off we were to my first private gig.

Moving along, the gigs rolled in, and little by little I was getting busier with house parties from every grade at my school. At this time, I had no idea what I was worth and just ended up getting paid whatever they (or their parents) felt like giving me which was awesome for lunch money.

The Upgrade

I can’t remember exactly when, but my bestfriend and I had a 13th (or was it 14th?) Joint Birthday bash which was a massive turnout in a smoke-filled community hall, and probably what kicked off our now annual ‘March Madmess’ birthday festivities. Without having to steer away from the point of this article, this was a massive party and our birthday presents proved so (so thanks to everyone that was there and gave us presents!). Savings and gigs later I ended up saving up enough money to upgrade to some proper Dual DJ CD Players I saw for sale online for $750 in Eastwood, which I still have to this day for keepsake.

The gigs still kept rolling in, and slowly upgrades to lighting, and speakers all came through – of course, with the financial assistance and support of my parents.

This was my kit that got me through all my gigs through high school, playing at all the community halls and house parties in the area.

The High School Party Pack

– 1 x 4 Channel SoundLab Mixer
– 1 x American DJ DCD300 Dual CD Player
– 1 x interM 500W Amplifier
– 2 x 400W 15″ Carpeted Box Speakers
– 3-4 American DJ lights + T-Bar
It lasted all those years and surprisingly, I actually still have this complete setup!

Come 18, it’s time to grow up and move on.

Only being exposed to my own DJing style and setup for all these years through highschool, I wanted to get into the nightclub scene but was hesitant and scared. What if I was doing something wrong? How would I know? I want to play in the R&B and Hip Hop clubs?

They’re all gonna laugh at me if I turn up with my CDs?

This last question was my main concern and the reason for my next upgrade. Turntables.

Feeling like my current setup was outdated and it was time to grow up and move on, I saved up enough money for two Technics SL-1200 MK2 turntables, and also bought a Pioneer DJM400 mixer (on the cheap and brand new off a close friend). Now where can I find records to rock a solid set when all my music is on CD? Enter Serato!

During this time, it was the end of the analog era, and digital was still in the middle of transition with Serato Scratch Live being something completely new and foreign to many ol’ skool DJs. The purchase was made and the practicing started (and til today has not stopped). Days, weeks, months went on where I doubted my skills if it was up to club standard.

The club break

Throughout high school and after high school I released a few mixes that got around which were recorded 100% live. I could never for the life of me figure out how to do all these fancy intros and layers on mixtapes, so pretty much I had to complete a seamless error free mix that was 80 minutes long. These got around and most of my friends enjoyed what I did and because of this and the fact that they knew I was still DJing, they really pushed me and motivate me to get into the club scene.

I was surrounded by many regular clubbers, who would be out getting drunk every Friday and Saturday, week in-week out. The word got around and got heard by the right people and was fortunate enough to land myself my first ever club gig, Chocolate City @ UN.

First gig was a success, I brought my friends with me who also knew club promoters from the other clubs who happened to be there at the same time I was playing. They enjoyed my music and I found myself with another club gig the following week! From there, I guess I’ve never looked back, I’ve met many people on the journey which makes it the whole experience 100x more fun.

So where am I now?

14 or so years later, I find myself with regular club gigs allowing me to play at various events, with different styles of music – ol skool, new skool, EDM and even deep house. The corporate gigs and agencies have also hit me up for gigs through the network of people I’ve met through the years and finding myself on the frontpage of Westfield Sydney every Thursday and Friday is pretty fun.

Whilst I’m sure you can say 14 years of DJing is a long time, and as you can imagine, we all get older too, so its only naturally, that the people I’ve grown up around are getting married and requiring DJs for their weddings too. A whole new ballgame but just as exciting as any other gig, with the added appreciation of cheesey music without any shame – I’m talking Hanson, Vengaboys and Aqua being played and sung out to the top of their lungs!

And where are you going?

Right now I’m finding myself getting busier and busier with private and corporate gigs requiring me to bring my own complete setup, from DJ equipment, lights, mics, speakers and subs to even projectors and more. Being a mobile DJ, you would want to make your own job as easy as possible, and lugging around 2 turntables and a mixer just didn’t cut it.

With the rise of MIDI DJ Controllers and all-in-one units becoming available on the market, I couldn’t look past the reputation of Pioneer and got myself the Pioneer DDJ SX, a handy 4-channel, all in one unit with a roadcase, which is probably lighter than one turntable on its own. The extra channels allow me to plug in a Microphone and a Line In for any random requirements and seems to be my current workhorse for current gigs. Depending on how I’m feeling I might even take out my turntables and Rane TTM57 for a bit of an ol’ skool feel.

At the time of this post, I’m enjoying what I do and am greatful that the bookings continue to roll in, I have a whole bunch of talented fellow DJs around me and am currently in the middle of trying to build something bigger, and build more opportunities outside the nightclub scene for the DJs that I believe deserve to be out there doing what they do best but just don’t get the opportunities to do so.

Something out of nothing.

As you can see, and as I can see now after writing this post, anyone can achieve their dreams and reach their goals with determination and persistence. When I did that first Year 8 Disco gig, I never would’ve thought I’d be living the life of a full-time DJ at any stage, nor did I think I’d be able to get the kind of opportunities to play for and meet some of the interesting people I have.

Meet people. Network. Let them know what you do and how you can help them. Surround yourself with people who support what you do.

I guess this goes for anyone, no matter what dreams, goals or passions you may have. If you’re truly passionate about what you do, you will subconsciously make the right decisions to get to where you want to be. From DJing to my grade on discmans, to DJing internationally in the next 2 months wasn’t an easy ride by any means, but atleast I know for myself one thing remained the same, and that was that the passion from the start and til now is what got me to where I am today.

Eat on Time App Retailer Launch @ Westfield Sydney

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Cod & Co.
Last Tuesday I was asked by Westfield Sydney to DJ for their Retailer Launch of their all new ‘Eat on Time’ App held on Five at Cod & Co.

Eat On Time was designed and developed by a team of leading developers in the States, and currently being used at numerous Westfield malls including San Francisco, with Westfield Sydney being the first in Australia to test, trial and launch the app. The Sydney app development and event launch was headed by the lovely Jess and it would be safe to say the event went off without a hitch with positive feedback from all involved including Westfield CFO’s.

“Skip the queues. Not your lunch!”

Official Beta Launch Announcement
Also in attendance were many of Food on Five, and Dining on Six food retailers with many, if not most of them jumping onboard in support of the app to help improve customer experiences and saving time.

The App name is self-explanatory so you can assume what it’s purpose and functions are with a few more hidden extras and specials in it. Not much can be revealed at this stage but watch this space during August for its official public launch and more information.

Skip the queues, not lunch!

Currently only available to iOS users but also has a responsive mobile site for Android users. Eat on Time App is still in its Beta stage and currently being tested internally by Westfield Retailers and is due to launch to the public in August.

Closing up and finishing my set at 9PM on a Tuesday night found me packing up to a super quiet Food court with almost nobody in sight!

Stay tuned for more Westfield Sydney events, or you can catch me spinning late night Thursdays on Urban Level 6:30-8:30PM, or on Fridays to Wind Down for after work drinks and food on Level 5!

Pic courtesy of

The Kickz Stand Swap Meet – SUCCESS (in more ways than one)

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For those of you paying attention, last week I made a post for this Sunday’s Swap Meet organised by thge guys at the Kickz Stand, and boy, what can I say than what a success it was!

The Sydney sneaker community was definitely out in force on Sunday for the meet, with an estimated 1200 through the doors of the Pyrmont Community Centre in which it was held. With 30 or so tables of shoes, clothes, accessories, food and not to forget those glorious cupcakes, there was definitely something for everyone. Unfortunately I missed out on the sliders which I heard were to die for but that’d be my fault for rocking up late.

I’ll have to admit, I’m not a big sneaker head myself, and definitely not the type to pay more than $400 for a pair of shoes, or camp out outside a store prior to release. But saying that, I do appreciate the culture, the hardcore collectors and generally any good looking and comfortable shoe. I still for the life of me can’t figure out how to keep my shoes clean without not wearing them, and if I did buy a fresh new pair, where I would wear them without the risk of being stepped on. So I’ve come to the conclusion that all the shoes I buy are ‘thrashers’ or ‘daily’s’ as I’ve mentioned to one of my good friend Dale (Co-founder of TKS), who is also my goto man for shoe counselling advice.

Anyway, the event was on from 12-3PM with people already rolling in at 11:30am from what I was told, and when I arrived at 1:30pm the inside sellers arena was chock a block! Luckily for me, there weren’t too many Size 13 shoes to even tempt me, and because of this I thought I’d throw some money into the raffles just to show my support for the crew. Next thing you know, I’ve won two minor prizes, which I chose were 2 tees, and the 1st and 3rd Major Prize including more Tees, a Herschel backpack and a gift voucher for Andre’s Denim which I was able to pick up on the day as well as a heap of other cool stuff! Unfortunately I didn’t take any pics from the day as I preferred to be mingling with friends, but I’ve included some snaps thanks to Bonafide and IDigYourSoleman.

Pic courtesy of

Pic courtesy of

A big shoutout to the organisers and admins of The Kick Stand for pulling together an event that I’m sure will put the Sydney Sneaker Community on the map. Much respect to the hard work and efforts they had put into the event in making it a free entry event also as I can imagine the costs involved in putting something like this together.

Thanks to all the crews involved that sponsored goodies that I won through the raffle also!

MiSkyn Clothing
Notorious & Co.
Alter Ego ClothingSneaker Freaker Magazine
Custom Teez Parramatta
Cap Z
Andres Denim
The Exqused
Kiks Tyo
+ anyone else I missed out!



Good Food and Wine Show Sydney – Tourism Chile

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Last week I was approached to DJ by a Melbourne-based agency for an event that was a little different to what I’ve normally played for. It was to play over the course of the event at the Turismo Chile (Tourism Chile) stand with a special guest appearance by Australian Model and Chilean Tourism Ambassador Pia Miller.

Tourism Chile together with Vinos Online and Chilean-born beauty Pia Miller have gotten together for the Good Food and Wine Show to help represent and promote the South American Country as Chile begins a major campaign to bring Australians to their homeland.

The stall consisted of mostly South American red and white wines, champagnes and more with cocktail demonstrations going on through the day thanks to the guys at Vinos Online.

Although my sets on those days weren’t specifically full of latin music, the requirement was to play funky/chilled house to help create a fun atmosphere to which I’m sure they were quite pleased with. Also ended my last set with a few minutes of classic latin anthems which some were surprised I even had.

I didn’t get much time to have a wander around the event, but had a quick feed at one of the food trucks with some organic pulled pork rolls and sausage rolls which was different but super tasteful! Also saw that Adriano Zumbo himself was holding cooking classes at their fancy stall amongst the rest of the demonstrations that were going on. Not being a food blogger follower or a big foodie myself, I wasn’t able to recognise any famous food people but saw a whole heap of eFamous people around with people taken photos with them infront of our stall. Saying that, I still do love my food and normally eat it right away before even getting a chance to take a pic of it!

Have a listen to my live set from one of the days I recorded! 🙂

Special mention to the people I bumped into since I wasn’t expecting to see anyone there! Haha

– Buckay (thanks for the pic!)
– Luke Goodwin and Natalie (Yes I saw your random reaction to seeing me there lol)
– Cara, Beef, Jamie and Mel
– Nick and Bettina – I missed you guys!
– The other Bettina – Yes I was representing Chile 🙂
– Sonia and Felicity – thanks for the fun opportunity!
– Pia Miller for being you.
– The guys at Vinos Online for being great company and a pleasure working with over the weekend.

..and to the other people that commented on my music and had a little boogie while trying out the finest of South American Wines!